Brijuni islands are one among the places we visited during my trip to Croatia with my family. We planned to move to this island country three months before the summer vacation. As my friends suggest me to hire a yacht as a means of transport I hired a sailboat for my family to travel along the coastlines of small islands of Croatia. We reached the islands of Brijuni with a plan to visit the national park. This park is just 6 kilometer from the istrian coast. People who travelled with us shared some information about the brijuni islands. He said that there are two major islands namely Veli Brijun and Mali Brijun. It is a beautiful island covered with olive trees and ancient pines surrounded by the sea. Some other popular islands of Brijuni are vanga, Gaz and supin, and there you can also charter a yacht.

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One among the good reasons to visit these islands is its link with ancient times. These islands were inhibited by the Roman Empire and Venetian empire. Veli Brijuni is a well manicured park with native Mediterranean trees and plants that have been complemented with imported species like stone pine, cedar, eucalyptus and bamboo. If you stay in any of the yachts in this island, you can enjoy the ride in this island. When we reached this island we found no cars available to facilitate transportation. But we found bikes and golf cart to roam around the places of this island. My family loves biking and so we rent bikes for each and started riding around this beautiful island. It is very easy to do when you charter a yacht in Croatia As we rode the bike to the streets of this island we explore several things such as Tito museum, former quarries and Saint Mary’s church. We entered the Tito museum and take pictures of the memorabilia and photos of the former leader of the island, Yugoslav. Exploring this museum is a good way for people to connect with the history of this island as well as Croatia.

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We also visited safari park where we saw elephants and zebras. Even we found some native istrian fauna like goats and bulls. We have also checked out the former quarries in Croatia, for those that are important if you want to bareboat charter of catamaran in Croatia. Now they are a pretty restful space. I have seen an olive tree which is around 1600 years old. I have ever believed the fact that olive trees can live longer until I saw this tree in the Brujini Island. Sailors can also experience several other surprises and wonders in the islands of Brujini. Saint Mary’s church is one of the wonders in this island. The special thing about this church is it is built in the 13th century and still it is being worshipped by people. Every island of Croatia has many wonders to attract people from different countries in the world. We spend some time in a restaurant to relax ourselves and carried out the journey in yacht charter. Apart from the places we have visited we spend a good time in yachting especially with a tourist guide who conveys true information about the places we have included in the plan.

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