Croatia is an island country that is familiar for its islands with several tourist places. Opatija is one of its islands that are popular for its awesome views and buildings. The rich history and the picturesque surroundings of opatija must not be missed. People who like to give a break to the beach games can prefer sightseeing in this island. They can find buildings of different styles erected in this familiar tourist resort. I went to the islands of Croatia the last week with my colleagues. We spend a great time together in the islands and yacht. Choosing yacht as the mode of transportation helps us to spend more time together as we enjoyed sightseeing the sea, mountains and forests. Yachting also helped us to check out the coastal areas of several islands of this island country.


Once we reached opatija we take some rest in a hotel where we had our breakfast. We get ready to enjoy sightseeing after we freshened up ourselves. We headed to the park angiolina and parks of saint jakob. The park is filled with plants from different parts of the world. These parks are one among the most gorgeous parks in Croatia. Some other popular places we saw in this island are fountain slatina and fountain Helios.  A maiden with seagull is a symbol of this island and it was erected in 1956. We took pictures with the symbol of opatija and of course I share the pictures in my social profiles to make my friends wonder about my trip. Art pavilion Juraj inn Opatija was constructed in the year 1899 as a meeting place. Now, it is one of the popular art galleries in the world. This art gallery was completely renovated to create a good exhibition space and I am glad that I am one among them who have visited it.

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Saint Jacob’s church built during the period of 15th century is one of the tourist places of this island. Villa Angiolina is one of the tourist resorts marked the start of tourism in this island. As this Croatian city is on the Adriatic Sea’s bank, a visit to this city has several things to do from enjoying the beautiful view of sea and visiting the cultural monuments of the city. The culture and rich history of this city is evident in its monuments and buildings that I have mentioned above. I have seen different styles of architecture in the buildings and some notable styles include Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Venetian. The building of Angiolina is heavily decorated with painted ceilings. The painted ceilings of this building overwhelmed me with its creativity and traditional touch. Here are my suggestions for people to do in this city. They can walk around the major districts of the city to see the iconic fountains. People who do not like to miss anything can prefer roaming around the city by foot than using a vehicle. I also suggest them to try yacht charter as they can enjoy many things that they could never imagine.

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