Once after we return from yachting we have contacted a guide and booked him. Next day, he came to our place early in the morning and we started our trip into the country. In the following I’ll tell you what the places we have been to are.


In the day one of our trip, we have selected the city Split as our first choice. Because we have heard that the UNESCO has announced this as world heritage city. Hence we were curious about visiting the place. We were discussing about the specialities in the city with the guide. Once after we reach the place, we were stunned by the outstanding landscape and excellent architecture done by the Romans. It was an unforgettable place in or lifetime.


It is a beautiful area in the western part of Solta Island and we have been to blue caves and amazed by its look. We have taken many photos and it was a nice experience.

Hvar in Croatia


We had a beautiful experience in this place and we enjoyed a lot through catamaran sailing.

Yacht in Croatia